Let The Rumors Fly... Chris Brown and T.I. Fighting At VMA Rehearsals???

Ok, so I was over at Mediatakeout.com and I know that sometimes there stuff isn't too credible, but I confirmed this one with someone that I know and who was there when this went down.

My source is saying the same thing that MTO is reporting. T.I. and Rihanna were rehearsing their song that they are doing together for the VMA's show and Chris Brown was acting an immature nut on the stage with them.

According to the source, while the rehearsal was going on Chris was sitting on the stage and clowning around, blurting things out and doing flips and -ish, and it got to be very annoying to T.I. The rehearsal was completely disrupted because Tip couldn't focus and ya'll know that the self-proclaimed "King of the South" ain't about to let nobody mess his show up.

They say at first it was kind of funny, then it got to be annoying, and then it just became down right disrespectful. T.I. called out for someone to come get Chris Brown from the stage, but before he was escorted out, Chris tried to act Billy Bad Ass and mumble something under his breathe. Of course he wasn't going to say it loud enough for Tip to hear, but it was enough to know that it was something smart and aimed at Tip.

T.I. yells out , "I'm not playing with that boy, I'll hurt him." And security quickly got Chris out of there. Ya'll know that Tip ain't one to play with! This story is still developing so I'll keep you posted if and when I get more info!


Matt said...

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basset said...

how old is that BOY ?? thats why young stars think they can do anything he needs his ass wiped and then he will quit messing with othere peoples money hope he gets his ass wiped!! ti is the man!!