Sneak Of Da Week: Booji Regal-One

Created by one of the designers of JB Classics, MDot, The Booji Regal-One sneak is designed with the fems in mind. MDot has designed a brand and it's og sneak, out of her displeasure in the lack of originality within women's footwear collections. MDot took all her experiences co-designing at JB and has forged ahead of the game in female sneaks to bring us her label "Booji" (I love it!). The Regal-One comes equiped with a sassy little side-purse and is quilted premium leather. The shoe has a bit of class with it from the side purse to the gold plated brand name on the tongues. Expect for the Regal-One to drop with the rest of the collection by the end of '08. You can check out Booji and get familiar with the maker and shoe!

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