Aubrey O'Day Classes Up Complex Mag

The "Bad Girl" of Danity Kane is covering next months issue of Complex magazine with some... shall we say, quite "tasteful" photos to go along with the "colorful" interview! Damn shame she just doesn't get it. In the issue, Aubrey doesn't hold back. She talks about how she masturbates to Jenna Jamison flicks, the so called rumors of her and Diddy having a thang going on. Check out a few pieces of the interview below.

When people see you in the tabloids and blogs, they tend to think
Aubrey O’Day: —that I’m a ho, a dumb blonde girl.
I wouldn’t necessarily say that.
Aubrey O’Day: No, let’s address it, because that’s what everybody says.
Well, when you’re out at clubs, you must get approached in an aggressive way.
Aubrey O’Day: I think urban guys look at me and are like, “Here’s the white girl I’m gonna f*ck.” Like, I met a famous basketball player the other night.
Who? What team?
Aubrey O’Day: I can’t, he’s too big. And, like, married.
LeBron! Carmelo! Yao Ming?!?!
Aubrey O’Day: [Silence.]
Okay, I’ll stop.
Aubrey O’Day: So this nasty guy came up to me and says, “Come here. I’m the man, haven’t you heard?” And I said, “Well, I’m the woman, haven’t you heard?” And he was like—this is the third thing out of his mouth—“Well, I have a hotel here, so when are you going to come by to my room?”
Aubrey O’Day: It was so embarrassing and corny. I was disgusted. It’s funny that they think they can talk to me like that, like it’s so easy. “There’s that ho from Danity Kane, let me get her off tonight.”
Do you feel at all responsible for building that sort of persona on Making the Band?
Aubrey O’Day: You don’t build your persona on reality TV. They build your persona on reality TV. I just learned to stop wanting to control it. Hey, they need the bad girl of the group, and no one else is going to take that role. (Yeah...Let that be the reason Aubrey)

When asked about gettin buck while on her period... nothing but the best from this girl:
So when people hear you’re best friends with Jenna Jameson, they think—
Aubrey O’Day: —I’m going to do sex tapes and porn. Jenna and I never even talk about porn. I think one time Jenna and I had a conversation about having sex on your period.
Oh, running a red light?
Aubrey O’Day: Yeah. There was some new guy I was dating, and it was the first time we were going to go there, and he was weird about it. So I ask Jenna for advice and she’s like, “Honey, it’s just a little war paint, who cares?”
Still, the first time...
Aubrey O’Day: Yeah, that’s what I was saying.
I guess you could just throw a towel down.
Aubrey O’Day: Ha! Yeah, I’m totally a towel girl. [Laughs.]
Is this an uncomfortable subject?
Aubrey O’Day: Oh, it’s fine. I love talking about my period.
Well, I suppose it’s something that can be broached with
Aubrey O’Day: —someone you trust. Or you could just have anal sex.

She is such a damn classy chick. Wow... you can't beat that with a bat! You know... some stuff you just need to keep it to yourself. You don't want people looking at you in this trampy or slutty image, but you steadily puttin yourself out there like that. The producers didn't make you go up to every dude you met on the street in that one episode and lick all over that sailors ear in that damn bar, he didn't make you grind all over Donnie's ass... YOU DID THAT -ISH!

And as far as Aubrey and D.Woods being kicked out the group like I reported last week... this question right here gives you the answer to the truth on that:
How many Danity Kane albums are you locked in for?
Aubrey O’Day: Seven, not including holiday and live albums.

If you want to read the entire article, check it out right HERE!


Big Cheekz said...

these pics give me the - trying too hard - vibe

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Thanks, C-Rayne.
Now my monitor's contracted an STD (Screen Transmitted Disease) after that interview. **wipes it with HIV meds**

Talking about fucking on her period? Fa REAL, FLAV?!!?!
That's a GREAT look for a biatch with mostly teenage fans.
Make mama proud, now!

The Coconut Diaries said...

When did a photo of you licking a stripper pole ever turn out positive?

Els said...

Aubrey says she tries to defend herself when people call her a slut and a hoe, but you can't put yourself out there like that and then expect everyone to think your a "virgin" . I mean the pictures say it all .