Will Smith Denies Being Part Of Scientology

You guys remember earlier this year when the media kept saying that Will Smith and wife Jada were practicing Scientology along with their buddies, the Cruises (Tom and Katie)? Remember when I also posted the blog about Will and Jada funding a new school in suburban Los Angeles that used one of Scientology's study programs. With the school opening, the media took it as Will and Jada were making a statement. But they didn't actually make a statement.

Monday night, while on the red carpet for the premiere of "Lakeview Terrace", which Will produced, a reporter from the Huffington Post asked him a question about him giving a press conference to the group called Anonymous, which protests Scientology.

"Not exactly a press conference, but I did talk to them," he said. So, the burning question is Will a Scientologist? "I am not," he told the reporter. Even thought the school is using one of Scientology's teaching tools, Will said, "You can take different parts of things you like and put them all together."

I believe him. There are things about the Jewish community that I like, that I've learned through my supervisor, and I try to incorporate them into my lifestyle, even though I'm Christian. So, there you go!

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Anonymous said...

Will Smith IS a Scientologist.

He supports Tom Cruise. He defended the Scientology "thetan" concept in the media. He uses Scientology "tech" in his school and many of the teachers there JUST HAPPEN TO BE Scientologists, what a coincidence. He gave out Scientology coupons in gift bags to fellow actors at a party. He donated a fortune to Scientology-related organizations.

Scientology has a secular component and a religious component, and though Smith may or may not be telling the truth when he says it's not his religion, he IS a de-facto Scientologist on a secular level and a business level, whether he strictly follows the religious part of it or not.