WTF: Spectacular From Pretty Ricky Does The Nude Vibe Thing

What in the bean-pole, unattractive, small as a tac baby hell is this mess right here? Vibe magazine??? What in the hell are ya'll doin? *SIGH* ya'll have wasted a whole page on this Pretty Ricky fool and thought this was some "eye candy" for the ladies??? You've got to be *hitten me dude! So ya'll just gon' put er'body nude up in the new issue huh?


ODARA said...

please excuse me but I just *e-barfed* all over my damn keyboard....hhhahahaahah

I knew Vibe was getting weak...BUT um really!!! I'm more offended by why this dude is so comfortable with his self to be posing like this...hahhhahah Jesus puhleeeeeze take the wheel!!!

The Coconut Diaries said...

Is he gonna be like Ciara and claim they photoshopped his clothes off??

Big Cheekz said...

the first line of this post was classic as h*ll. you funny! lol