James Ingram Returns With Gospel

I have done a grave injustice to my gospel fans out there by not covering that particular arena, so this will be my first of many more to come. Legendary singer/songwriter and multiple Grammy Award winner James Ingram returns to his roots with the completion of his first all Inspirational CD “Stand In The Light.” which will be released October 14.

"Stand” features new works and “Yah Mo Be There” - Ingram's unforgettable, Grammy Award-winning 1983 classic collaboration with Michael McDonald. This CD is the natural progression in a career grounded in faith and blessed with the influence and mentorship of some of the seminal forces in American music history from Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder to Quincy Jones.

“Stand” for James Ingram is a bridge over troubled water in troubled times and the Akron, Ohio native said: “When you get to the other side, know that God got you there, so turn around and help someone else. My father, who was a deacon in the church and also, my Sunday School Teacher, taught me about faith. Although my life has been through ups and downs, I have never been discouraged, because of my faith in God.”

The first single from the new CD is “Mercy,” an original collaboration with dance maven Debbie Allen. Old and new blend seamlessly on the ten track disc with familiar favorites such as, “Blessed Assurance,” “Everything Must Change,” with new songs like “Don’t Let Go,” and “No Place Like Home.”

"The creative genius and unique voice of James Ingram has distinguished him as one of the most recognizable, respected, and loved artists in the world today. It's been a blessing for me to work with him and be inspired by him. This album speaks of who he is as a man. A man whose heart beats for his family, his community...the world," Debbie Allen said. James began this inspirational journey with his first CD, “It's Your Night,” produced by Quincy Jones. He won a Grammy Award for “Yah-Mo Be There” (interpreted as ‘God will be there’), for Best Duo or Group and was the most played song of that year. Before Warner Bros. Records released the song, there was skepticism about changing the name and Quincy Jones was asked if he could convince James to change the name of the song. Ingram responded “No,” and informed Warner Bros. that he believed in the Word of God and this was his testimony.

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