Purse Obsession: Melie Bianco Distressed Push Lock Bag

The only thing that I dislike about this weeks pick is the fact that it has dual handles. I hate the two strapped bags. That ooooone damn strap always falls off your shoulder... every damn time. Anyways, other than that I love this bag. It's the Melie Bianco Distressed Push Lock Bag. It comes in great colors for any season, including grey, black, mustard, brown, white, and orange. I know that most of us are on a very strict budget, therefore, needing and wanting a bag made out of the finest leathers is out of the question. The Melie is made from synthetic leather, thus having a pretty soft feel, along with still being pretty durable, and also affordable. It comes equipped with a push lock strap top closure, and zippered/open interior pockets. It's selling on Baghaus.com for $78.

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Melie Bianco handbag fan said...

This Melie Bianco push lock bag has a nice shape and it's hard to make a choice, I would like one in each color!