Michelle Obama Gets Busted!

Created by American artist/sculptor, Daniel Edwards, this afro-centric bust of Michelle Obama was created to draw Michelle's image away from being compared so much to Jackie O. Well, that's the Edwards claims was the inspiration for the bust.

The bust displays a bare chest, and dramtically made over Michelle with a hair piece, which is an afro-pick fashioned in the style of an American Eagle, and the United States flag embedded deep into her skin. I'm sure this is all symbolic as to the patriotism of the Obamas that has been ever so critisized by the Republican party

The piece is titled "Michelle Obama’s Makeover for America”, will go on display at New York’s Leo Kesting Gallery at the beginning of October. I'm sure there are folks out there that have something to say about this but I like it! I kind of wish her chest wasn't so "open"!

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